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From the day of installation, our tech team’s job is to ensure you have a strong signal throughout your home. Sometimes however, customers have home remodeling, relocate their ONT, or just find they’re not receiving as good of a signal as they would expect/hope to receive on the outskirts of their home or property. In these cases, the FairlawnGig team can come out and deploy a mesh system to boost your Wi-Fi signal’s coverage. The Mesh solution includes small signal boosters to ensure high performance. 

Often, we’re asked for some sort of guidance in terms of – if my house is X square feet, will I need a booster?  Unfortunately, it’s much more complicated than that. The size of your house is much less significant than the materials your house was built with. Newer houses can be 4,000 sq. ft and operate perfectly fine without a booster. Conversely, older houses half the size of may need a booster or three as even older steel ventilation systems have a negative impact on your Wi-Fi signal. 

Concrete, brick, plaster, stucco, metal, and even tinted windows can seriously degrade a Wi-Fi signal in terms of its “decibels.” If you have a loss of 5 dB, that is the equivalent of losing 20 Mbps of Internet speed.  

As tempting as it may be to hide an ONT in a closet, in the corner of a room, on the floor or even (yes, we’ve seen this) behind a couch or a chair… you’re only hurting your Wi-Fi signal! Your ONT doesn’t need to be a “featured” part of your home, but it also shouldn’t be a dirty little secret. Locate your ONT on the main floor of your home as centrally as possible. 

If you would like to learn more about how the FairlawnGig Mesh System can boost the signal in your home, contact FairlawnGig