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Voice over IP (VoIP) Internet calling is nothing new. It was invented in the nineties and was growing in popularity by the mid-2000s. The promise of VoIP has always been to find a more affordable means of handling telephone calls, but Internet connections of the past made VoIP calls and their quality a bit of a mixed bag. Even today to avoid garbled calls, echoes, delays, and even dropped calls you need a robust Internet connection, the likes of which FairlawnGig provides.

VoIP is only as good as the Internet connection that carries it – but when you have a network like FairlawnGig’s, you can receive world-class voice services for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional phone service. FairlawnGig offers both analog and hosted voice service for your business along with best-in-class handsets/phones.

If you have a legacy phone system and aren’t quite ready to make the leap to completely digital handsets, FairlawnGig can still help you save significant money as we can deliver service via legacy connections like POTS lines, PRI connections, or T1 handoffs in addition to digital SIP extensions and SIP trunks.

Your local team of FairlawnGig technicians can take care of the entire installation of the VoIP phone system. This can include running lines and adding switches and other hardware as needed to each handset.

Give us a call to discuss how much you can save with FairlawnGig VoIP services. VoIP eliminates domestic long distance fees and we’d love to discuss impact on international calling fees. Our per-handset fees make now the best time to switch to VoIP.

Turning to FairlawnGig for phone service means your data and voice services are tightly interwoven, from one reliable, local provider.

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