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Unific Integrating eCommerce Solutions with the Assistance of FairlawnGig

Unific has been located in the Bounce facilities since 2016, so they have seen the evolution of the building and facilities. In fact, Unific CTO Parag Jagdale comments “Since the facility changed over to Bounce there is more energy and attention being given to the space which attracts more startups. That helps us because we now have more peers who are going through the same startup challenges as us and we are able to support one another.”

Unific offers robust ecommerce integrations that enable the most commonly used shopping carts like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce to sync with today’s leading marketing platforms such as HubSpot and Mailchimp.

Ultimately, Unific has created an ecommerce growth engine to mobilize and empower the data obtained from a shopping cart to the marketing platform. Unific’s latest version was successfully launched in late 2018 and now includes insightful data analytics capabilities that help Unific’s clients understand how, where, and what to promote and market.

Rick Shimko, Unific’s VP of Growth, explains that for Unific, “As a tech company, we require best-in-class technology to support all facets of our business. We’ve chosen FairlawnGig as its service is critical to who we are and what we do. Our entire infrastructure is in the cloud, so we need to be able to connect to everything and everyone, quick. Even sales and collaboration tools like our conferencing application Zoom work better on the FairlawnGig network.”

Unific’s team of twenty-five includes approximately nine at Bounce in Akron that rely on FairlawnGig to connect to customers and their teammates spread across the globe including a development team in India, customer support in Philippines, and executives around the U.S.

Dan Kurt (left) and Parag Jagdale (right), co-founders of Unific (formerly known as Revenue Conduit)
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