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Popular Offering Moves from DirecTV to YouTube TV

Football fan streamers rejoice – you can now get the NFL Sunday Ticket either as a standalone offering or as part of YouTube TV.

Previously available only on DirecTV, NFL Sunday Ticket lets you watch every single out-of-market game. “Out-of-market” means games not being broadcast on the main networks. The games available on CBS, Fox, or ESPN. Also, Sunday Ticket does not include the Thursday Night Amazon Prime games.

If your team is the Bengals, Lions, Bills, Steelers (cough cough) or any of the other 27 NFL teams not named the Browns, this is a great solution for you!

And we cannot speak for YouTube TV and any technical problems they may or may not have with their new offering, but your ridiculously fast FairlawnGig connection is ready for some football!

Between now and September 19th, Sunday Ticket starts at $299 for the season. Visit YouTube TV for more details.