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Smart Home Solutions Enabled by FairlawnGig

Turn your Home into a Smart Home

If you’ve shopped for any appliance or electronic device in the past five years, you’re probably noticing that more and more items are advertised as “smart.” The machines are not becoming “self-aware” like in the Terminator movies, but rather “smart” in this sense refers to the ability to connect to the Internet, retrieve data, and of course more easily control devices via voice, online dashboard, or phone.

Fully Smart Homes

Because you’ve got the best Internet connection available anywhere in the world, your home can function fully as a smart home. In fact, the mere presence of FairlawnGig has led to early planning of a townhome development in Fairlawn on Riviera Drive to introduce fully smart homes.

If you’re thinking about making your own home smart, here are a few devices we find to be both useful and popular. We’re really just scratching the surface with some of these devices, so if you would like to delve deeper, one great resource is

Voice Assistants

The most common of these is the Amazon Alexa but Apple (HomePod) and Google (Home) also offer devices in this rapidly expanding electronics category. Play music, turn lights on and off, set reminders and create lists, and ask these devices questions as they serve as a digital-assistant.


There are many smart thermostats on the market with the most popular one being Nest. Nest works with Alexa and lets you “make your home not only smart but energy efficient.” These thermostats can learn from your behavior and automatically adjusts the temperature. Typically, you can control these from your smart phone so you can turn up the heat or AC before you get home and turn it down if you forgot to do so before leaving your house for an extended time


There are many options to enhance your home security available today. Recently we’ve seen a lot of customers happy with the Vivent security system that run touch pads, cameras and sensors flawlessly with FairlawnGig.

Kitchen Assistance

Scan an item’s bar code to add it to your grocery list or get a smart crock pot to turn on 3 hours before dinner!


Having trouble with folks ignoring your “no solicitation” sign? Ring video doorbells work over the FairlawnGig network seamlessly as a video cameraand doorbell that let you see who’s at the door – even if you’re viewing from your phone from across town!

Finally, we haven’t even touched on the fact that every TV sold today is a “smart TV” so you can stream almost unending content.
If you need help connecting any devices or boosting your signal throughout your home with an additional Wi-Fi access point,
please don’t hesitate to email or call customer service.

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