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What does it mean to sign up?

There are no payments or fees until your FairlawnGig service begins. We will use the information you provide with your account to communicate with you about FairlawnGig construction, when you can begin service, and help you select the service plan that is right for you.

Why sign up now?

Setting up your account will allow us to communicate with you directly. This will help us do a better job of coordinating your install and getting service to you as soon as possible. FairlawnGig is currently only available for Fairlawn, Ohio residents. 

Low Income Subsidies Available

If you and your household need financial assistance for internet connectivity, you may be eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and the Lifeline program. The FCC programs are designed to help low-income households pay for internet service. If your household is eligible, you could receive up to a $30 discount on your monthly internet service. Click here to signup, and provide your emailed approval letter to FairlawnGig via email and we will schedule your subsidized internet service to begin.

Do you live outside Fairlawn?

If you live Outside Fairlawn in a neighboring community… sign up anyway! We’re looking to expand beyond our borders and the more signups we get from your neighborhood, the more likely we’ll come there!

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Choose a plan below or call FairlawnGig at 330-668-3300.

Residential Internet Services

Currently, FairlawnGig is available only to Fairlawn, Ohio residents. 


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Residential Telephone Service

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Business Internet Services

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Business Phone Service

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FairlawnGig is a Municipal Broadband Utility from the City of Fairlawn, Ohio.


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