It’s time to sign up for FairlawnGig®!

What does it mean to sign up?
Sign up by filling out the form below. You can also sign up by calling FairlawnGig at 330-668-3300. There are no payments or fees until your FairlawnGig service begins. We will use the information you provide with your account to communicate with you about FairlawnGig construction, when you can begin service, and help you select the service plan that is right for you.
If you live outside the City of Fairlawn in surrounding communities, to help us with planning for expansion, you can sign up to indicate your interest in FairlawnGig. You will not be signed up for service, since FairlawnGig is currently only available to Fairlawn residents and businesses in Fairlawn and the JEDD. The information currently on our website about monthly costs, services offered, and installation are relevant only to the City of Fairlawn residents and Fairlawn and JEDD businesses.
Why sign up now?
Setting up your account will allow us to communicate with you directly. This will help us do a better job of coordinating your install and getting service to you as soon as possible. FairlawnGig residential customers who sign up now will have their $150 installation fee waived. Read about more the benefits of signing up now here.
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