Summit County Criminal Justice Technology Project


Thank you for your interest, the deadline for submission has passed.

Fairlawn is seeking interested parties to reply to our Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the design and build of a fiber ring in Summit County.

The project will be funded from the CARES Act and will expand Fairlawn’s existing fiber network and is critical as the COVID-19 pandemic restricts Summit County’s Public Safety capabilities.

The project needs to meet an aggressive timeline, with completion by December 30, 2020. FairlawnGig’s expansion will facilitate virtual court proceedings to increase the safety and security of law enforcement, court employees, inmates and the general public.

Fiber Ring RFQ

Please enter your information, click submit, and then click the download button.


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  1. Doug says:

    August 25: The City Of Fairlawn has issued an addendum to the RFQ for the Summit County Criminal Justice Technology Project. Please review before submitting by September 1st. This will require re-downloading if you have already downloaded prior to 8/25/20.

  2. Doug says:

    8/26/20 Q&A
    Q: By submitting this RFQ, we are not tied / committed to this project until pricing and schedule are negotiated, correct?
    A: That is correct. Your team is not committed until negotiations are complete.

    Q: Are there liquidated damages expected for missing the due date?
    A: There are no liquidated damages.

  3. Doug says:

    8/27 Q&A

    Question regarding “Section I, Response Certification Form”
    Will Fairlawn accept a DocuSign signature?
    Answer: No. Under our current city code, original signature is only accepted.

    Question regarding “Section III, Scope of Services”
    Assuming restoration will be completed after December 2020, should restoration be included or priced separately?
    Answer: For your response to RFQ, no financial proposals should be submitted at this time. Pricing will be separately negotiated with the highest-ranked Respondent as set forth in the Contract Negotiation section of the RFQ.

    Question regarding “Section IV, Evaluation Criteria, Paragraph 4”
    Compliance With Applicable Law. Please provide Federal bulletins or guidelines for the CARES Act with regard to “accounting, reporting, and auditing requirements”?
    Answer: Guidelines for Cares Act may be found with the State of Ohio Auditor.

    Question regarding “Section VI, paragraph J(4)”
    Since the scope of work is well defined and pollution insurance is not traditionally applicable to such work, can the “if applicable” requirements be removed altogether?
    Answer: The insurance requirements must be adhered to.

    Question regarding “Addendum 1”
    The addendum states that there is updated files showing some additional detail and 2 new drops. Does Fairlawn have the ability to provide GIS files for the information they have updated?
    Answer: The addendum, as shown, is to assist respondents in understanding the level of work associated with the project. GIS is not available.

  4. Doug says:

    8/28 Q&A

    Q: Do I need financials, balance sheets, or tax returns?
    A: The RFQ asks for responses to provide the City with financial statements, balance sheets, and tax returns.

    Q: Does the entire ring need to be completed by the deadline?
    A: The completion date for the Project is December 30, 2020.

    Q: What if unforeseen circumstances delay the completion of the project?
    A: As set forth in the RFQ, the City will enter into contract negotiations with the highest ranked design-build firm. Such negotiations may include the negotiation of contract terms relating to this issue.

    Q: Is there a change order process?
    A: As set forth in the RFQ, the City will enter into contract negotiations with the highest ranked design-build firm. Such negotiations may include the negotiation of contract terms relating to the change order process.

    Q: Do I need a dust plan?
    A: The design and construction services provided by the selected contractor must include a dust plan.

    Q: Have you considered placing new vaults next to existing?
    A: Final design will be done by the selected contractor.

    Q: Will this project allow me to do future work for FairlawnGig?
    A: Fairlawn is asking for the submission of a Statement of Qualifications on this Project only.

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