The FairlawnGig® network delivers an unprecedented level of Internet service to the Fairlawn area.

FairlawnGig is a municipal broadband utility established by the City of Fairlawn that is transforming how Fairlawn residents experience the Internet. Before FairlawnGig, the fastest residential service available in Fairlawn was 50 mbps down and 5 mbps up. FairlawnGig’s premium Gigabit plan is twenty times faster for downloads and 200 times faster for uploads. But what really sets FairlawnGig apart is the enhanced reliability from our 100% fiber network.
Are you ready to make the switch to a faster better Internet service? Then sign up for FairlawnGig Internet service here. The installation fee is waived for Fairlawn residents. See FairlawnGig’s plans and pricing here.
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Thinking about moving from traditional cable or satellite to streaming your TV content? FairlawnGig is the best network for streaming. Read more about making the transition in our “Cutting the Cord” articles.[/twocol_one_last]



residential internet
Residential installation includes the fiber connection to your house from the FairlawnGig network in the street, and installation and configuration of the FairlawnGig ONT (the box that contains the interface to the FairlawnGig fiber network inside your house, similar to the modem you may currently have).
Standard installation includes connecting to your house from the most logical exterior location and installing and configuring the FairlawnGig ONT inside your home. Extra indoor wiring and custom configurations are possible for an additional fee. See how the FairlawnGig installation works here.
FairlawnGig will waive installation fees for Fairlawn residents. Sign up here for service or call us at 330-668-3300 to schedule your installation!
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residential phone service
The FairlawnGig ONT incorporates several essential functions into a single device that is installed in your home.

  • Fiber network termination. ONT stands for Optical Network Termination. This is the “receiver” of the Internet signal over the fiber network. It converts light traveling over the fiber optic cable into data for your home network.
  • Home router. A four port Gigabit Ethernet router with a modern firewall and other security features that allow you to manage your home network.
  • Wi-Fi Access Point. A state of the art, four-stream 11ac access point is integrated into the FairlawnGig ONT. This AP will support all of your Wi-Fi devices and will extend your wireless network to every corner of your home.
  • Two Telephone ports. The FairlawnGig ONT includes two POTS lines which are used for optional phone service.
  • Uninterruptable power supply for the ONT. Your Internet and phone service will stay on if there is a power outage.
  • There are no equipment fees.

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Phone Service

residential internet fairlawngig
Phone service is available for $25 per month per line. Up to two phone lines are available with the standard FairlawnGig residential installation. The phone service will utilize your existing telephone handsets and indoor home wiring. You may keep your current phone number or FairlawnGig will issue a new one.
It is a fully featured phone system including all of the features you expect from a modern phone system, including:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Three Way Calling and more.

FairlawnGig phone service includes unlimited nationwide calling—there are no long distance charges for calls made within the United States.

Download the voicemail setup guide here.

Service plans for residential customers:

Residential Data Rates Price/Month
 Gigabit  1000 Mbps Upload and Download  $75
 Premium  300 Mbps Upload and Download  $55

Contact FairlawnGig or call us at 330-668-3300 to find out how to experience superior broadband in your home. Upgrade to gigabit speeds and a more reliable network from a local provider you know and trust.

Residences outside of Fairlawn interested in subscribing to FairlawnGig should contact our Sales Department at 330-668-3300 or sales@fairlawngig.net.