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Residential Broadband Service

Faster Internet Service, more Affordable Prices

Whether your service from FairlawnGig is 1 or 10 Gigabits per second (1 Gbps), “gigabit” services revolutionize how you can leverage the internet and its solutions and applications.

There are countless benefits in switching to FairlawnGig’s gigabit service, but let’s start with the fact that FairlawnGig delivers faster Internet service, at a more affordable price. Additionally, consider how gigabit Internet service can enhance you and your family’s lives. Join FairlawnGig’s roster of incredibly satisfied customers and signup today!


Currently, FairlawnGig is available only to Fairlawn, Ohio residents. 

It’s your network, Fairlawn! Read our pledge to you!

Super Fast Streaming

Whether you are looking to “cut the cord” and move from traditional to streaming video services or you simply want to watch a movie on Netflix, gigabit service ensures you can watch what you want, when you want it. No buffering and no more waiting for video files to download, no matter how large they are.

Great Gaming

If you have a gamer in your home, gigabit service lets them play with low to no latency possible and the lowest delay possible between gaming controls and onscreen action. The gigabit gamer often finds themselves dominating group games because of the gigabit edge.

Crystal Clear Video Calls

FaceTime, Skype, etc. will now provide you with the highest definition video connections with no freezing, delays or drop outs.

Magnificent Media

With gigabit service, sharing and uploading photos and media files is done in seconds.

Cool Cloud Capabilities

Leverage the cloud to download the latest files and applications as well as store files and backup your system with lightning-fast Internet service just as fast and efficient as opening and sharing files locally.

Residential Internet Service Plans

Do you want the fastest Internet plan available in Fairlawn?

Sign up with FairlawnGig today by choosing a plan that is right for your business! If you’ve signed up for a different plan with FairlawnGig and want to upgrade your service plan to the Gigabit plan, please call us at 330-668-3300. Additionally, if you are a small business, contact us to talk about a service level right for your needs.

Residential Internet Service Plans

FairlawnGig Premium


  • 1000 Mbps Upload and Download
  • SLA: 24 hours

Service Fees May Apply


FairlawnGig Pro



  • 5000 Mbps Upload and Download.
  • requires your own router
  • SLA: 24 hours

Service Fees May Apply


FairlawnGig is a Municipal Broadband Utility from the City of Fairlawn, Ohio.


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