Customer Pledge

With more people working or schooling from home, a reliable Internet connection is more important than ever before.  Unfortunately, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have taken steps to combat the surge and what they see as “overuse” of Internet bandwidth.

FairlawnGig was built for the betterment of our residents and businesses…it’s your network, we are just operating it!  As such, we want to reiterate our “Customer Pledge.”

FairlawnGig’s Customer Pledge


FairlawnGig was designed to accommodate all your Internet needs – we have never and will never implement “data caps.” There are NO LIMITS on how much data you can use.


Unlike the largest ISPs, we do not charge for “excessive usage.” Our capacity allows each subscriber to use as much bandwidth as needed, with no interruption or degradation of service.


Your quoted rate is the rate we will charge you for your service level…period. FairlawnGig does not have any promotional pricing.


Within the City of Fairlawn limits we ask our customers to commit to a 3 month residential term and a 6 month business term. Our out of area customers, we do require a longer-term commitment.  FairlawnGig recognizes we need to earn your business each and every day.


While most ISPs will “throttle” speeds to combat their own data expenses, FairlawnGig never will.


Your data is 100% private. FairlawnGig will never sell your information to a third party.


When you call customer service, we’re right here to help…in Fairlawn! Our install and service teams are and will remain local.