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Hosted Voice Phone User Guide

FairlawnGig offers high-quality phone service to our phone customers

Our phone service includes many professional features for no extra charge, so that your home can have a phone system as complex or as simple as your needs demand. This guide is intended to help users understand the features included in their phone service.

If you have any questions please email support, or call 330-668-3300.

Getting Started

To order a phone, call 330-668-3300. The only requirement to our phone service is that you have FairlawnGig internet at the time of phone installation. You will receive your number and be able use it within 24 hours. If you wish to port an existing number to our service, the entire process takes 1-4 weeks.
If you wish to go forward with porting a number, please provide the following:

A filled out Letter of Authorization (LOA) form, which you can obtain by emailing us at or visiting us at 3300 Fairlawn Service Drive in Fairlawn, OH.


A signed copy of your most recent phone bill, no less than 30 days old. Make sure the bill includes your name, number, and address. Your signature should be in the white space somewhere on the bill.

Once you have both documents ready, email them to or drop them off at 3300 Fairlawn Service Drive, Fairlawn, Ohio 44333.

Basic Features

Call Forwarding

Call Forward All Activate: *72, followed by the number you wish to forward calls to.

Call Forward All Deactivate: *73.

Call Forward Busy Activate: *90, followed by the number you wish to foward calls to.

Call Forward Busy Deactivate: *91.

Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate: *52, followed by the number you wish to forward calls to.

Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate: *53.

Call Forward Toggle: *96.


Voicemail Access: *97.

If calling from your FairlawnGig phone, you should be sent straight into your voicemail portal.

If accessing from a different number, you will be asked for your voicemail passcode. If you have lost your passcode or never set one up, please call 330-668-3300 in order to make a new one.

Once logged into your voicemail, you can re-record your greeting message by pressing “0”.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

DND Activate: *78

DND Deactivate: *79

DND Toggle: *76

Advanced Features

Below are features which require a support call and some extra time to get implemented. These are available at no extra cost. Please either email us at, call us at 330-668-3300, or visit us at 3300 Fairlawn Service Drive to request the following features. If you need specific features not listed here, feel free to reach out – we may be able to create a new feature just for you!

Ring group

You can set your phone to ring your FairlawnGig phone as well as as many other phones as you want to make sure you get the call.

Ring groups can be set up to ring multiple phones all at the same time, or they can be set to ring one phone at a time – trying several phone numbers before hanging up or going to your voicemail.


Email notification – This feature will give you an email notification whenever a new voicemail is received.

Email attachment – This feature will not only give you a notification, but will also attach an audio file containing the voicemail for you.

Email transcript – This feature will provide to you a transcript of the voicemail using voice recognition

Time Condition

This feature will allow you to send calls to different destinations during different times of day. Perfect for those who use their office phone during the day and their cell phones during the afternoon. This will let your contacts get hold of you with your one FairlawnGig number instead of fumbling over your office, home, and cell phone numbers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

This feature enables an IVR, AKA an autoattendent to answer the phone for you – at which point callers can be directed to multiple numbers by dialing different numbers on their keypad. Though this is usually only available for more advanced enterprise phone systems, we offer this to our residential customers.

The voice can either be computer generated or it can be a recording of your own voice.

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