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Recently our install team has been slowly rolling out ONT routers to gigabit customers. But why?

As our tech team is always looking to improve our customers’ experience, we found a reliable, high-quality ONT that would also provide a better Wi-Fi experience. So, we ordered a significant supply right away.

The new ONT Routers are manufactured by Azores Networks and features:

  • Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, enabling faster Wi-Fi speeds
  • Internal XGS optics, meaning the fiber connects directly to the ONT
  • Six external antennas for better Wi-Fi range
  • Two analog phone ports

The ONT has been successfully deployed into a few dozen homes with tests yielding as high as a 1.5 gig Wi-Fi connection.

Azores also makes a bridge router capable of up to 10 gigabit speeds. This product will be very beneficial to business customers and a few residential customers that will need a direct port for their WiFi router or firewall.

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