New ONT Routers Trickling into the Field

Recently our install team has been slowly rolling out ONT routers to gigabit customers. But why?

As our tech team is always looking to improve our customers’ experience, we found a reliable, high-quality ONT that would also provide a better Wi-Fi experience. So, we ordered a significant supply right away.

The new ONT Routers are manufactured by Azores Networks and features:

  • Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, enabling faster Wi-Fi speeds
  • Internal XGS optics, meaning the fiber connects directly to the ONT
  • Six external antennas for better Wi-Fi range
  • Two analog phone ports

The ONT has been successfully deployed into a few dozen homes with tests yielding as high as a 1.5 gig Wi-Fi connection.

Azores also makes a bridge router capable of up to 10 gigabit speeds. This product will be very beneficial to business customers and a few residential customers that will need a direct port for their WiFi router or firewall.

3 comments on "New ONT Routers Trickling into the Field"

  1. Jerry Liliestedt says:

    May I be added to the list for the new ONT router from Azores?

  2. Bob MIller says:

    What do the letters ONT stand for? I am familiar with routers as we have a Linksys switch and a separate Linksys wi-fi router.

    Thank you.

  3. Doug says:

    It stands for “Optical Network Terminal.”

    It is the same thing with a fancier name 😉

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