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Agile and Aiming to Please, this Team is Behind Our Incredible Satisfaction Scores

This summer we published our amazing customer satisfaction scores, highlighted by satisfaction among household customers at 97% and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 87. Both numbers are remarkable as they continue to rise year-over-year and they exist in an industry where subzero NPS scores are commonplace.

It’s been six years since FairlawnGig became available, widespread, for area residents and businesses with our incredible internet service. As such, it’s hard to express just how many times we’re asked how the “municipal broadband utility” operates.

We published a video last year to tell our story, but we’ve never really taken the time to tell you, our newsletter subscribers, about our beginnings and the amazing team we have today.

From the beginning it was decided that FairlawnGig would be a standalone business within the City of Fairlawn. FairlawnGig was (and is) a massive undertaking, and being in the ISP space is extremely competitive. To be successful, FairlawnGig would develop our own team to ensure we have a group dedicated to the best service possible.

FairlawnGig’s network infrastructure would be created from the ground up and a big feature of this would be (and is) a data center located in our headquarters that serves as the server home and nerve center for FairlawnGig, as well as a colocation for enterprise clients.

At first, we outsourced much of what’s considered the daily internet service provider (ISP) operations to partners. But quickly we found that the ISP’s idea of “service” wasn’t ours or our customers’ idea of service. So we adapted, brought everything in-house, and became a world-class ISP. Today, we invite you to meet the team!

Ernie Staten
Fairlawn Director of Public Service, Utility Commissioner, Street Commissioner
“CEO of FairlawnGig”
Ernie is the leader of the team, driving FairlawnGig to provide the best internet service, anywhere. He’s been with the City for almost three decades and is the visionary and taskmaster behind making FairlawnGig a standalone ISP.


Dustin Wright
Chief Technology Officer (Contracted)
Dustin manages and oversees the entire FairlawnGig network. He has created a world-class Internet utility recognized by PC Magazine as one of the fastest broadband networks in the country. Dustin was the network architect of FairlawnGig, which today supports thousands of broadband customers and hundreds of sophisticated business and government needs.


Nick Hogue
Broadband Utility Technician/Outside Plant Manager
Nick’s a long-time, extremely valuable member of the FairlawnGig tech team. Any “outside” infrastructure is Nick’s purview as he manages what’s called “outside fiber plant,” a fancy way of saying fiber lines in the ground.


Ian Simmons
Broadband Utility Technician
You may remember Ian from when you first had FairlawnGig installed. Ian’s been with FairlawnGig from day one along with Nick, handling inside installations for both residential and commercial customers. Ian performs fiber optic and wireless installations and repairs, migrations, provisioning, and FairlawnGig data center maintenance.


Sam Bartlett
Broadband Utility Technician
Working alongside Ian, Sam performs customer installs, repairs, migrations and equipment provisions. Sam also brings extensive knowledge of data center and network workings to help keep things running smoothly. If you’ve visited FairlawnGig online, Sam is our resident home page “model.”


Josh Cingel
Customer and Network Support (Contracted)
Josh is the newest member of our team and brings with him vital technical and coding experience, and is the helpful voice you hear when reaching out to support with your technical needs. He assists Dustin with data center services, programming, building servers, and performs equipment maintenance.


Amy Austin
Customer Liaison & Administrative Assistant
Beyond being the “glue” of the FairlawnGig team, Amy is part traffic cop, part bill collector, and part taskmaster. If you’ve ever called into FairlawnGig, it’s likely you’ve been graced by Amy’s welcoming demeanor. She helps all customers and dispatches resources where they’re needed. Amy also has the patience and meticulousness to provide the FCC with reporting to make sure FairlawnGig follows Federal guidelines for ISPs.


Doug Adams
Marketing Director (contracted)
Doug helps us with all things marketing and communications including this newsletter and telling the FairlawnGig story to customers, prospects, and the world outside of our City borders.


And finally, a special thank you goes out to the following people whom are always willing to step up and help in times of need:
Linda Bennett, Administrative Assistant To Ernie Staten
Steve Miller, City of Fairlawn Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor

The FairlawnGig project is a career highlight for all of us! We’re so proud to provide you with great internet service to help you thrive, both personally and professionally.