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Medina-Based thomastech Grateful for FairlawnGig Expansion

As a rapidly growing tech firm in Medina, thomastech specializes in data center solutions with a mission to empower IT professionals so that they can keep data moving. They accomplish this by supplying system hardware and enterprise-level support.

Customers of thomastech include businesses of all sizes looking to replace their OEM’s solutions with more affordable options. In general, their customers experience significant savings (30-70%) compared to their previous agreements. Founded in 2007, thomastech has more than twenty employees focused on keeping their customers’ systems always up and always running.

With thomastech’s focus on keeping data systems running, reliable Internet service is vital and mission-critical. As a result of seeking a more reliable and “always available” Internet solution, thomastech switched from its current provider to FairlawnGig. It was able to do so as FairlawnGig expanded its service area beyond Fairlawn’s city limits to Medina last summer for businesses.

Prior to switching to FairlawnGig, the Internet provider thomastech was using was unreliable and frequently down. This unreliable service restricted all departments, explains Andrew Hancock, thomastech’s digital marketing specialist, “Often the Internet would become bogged down with daily operations resulting in decreased productivity.”

Hancock explains that the local team is thrilled with the increased bandwidth and reliability as they’re able to drastically increase use of cloud-based applications, “FairlawnGig has helped all our departments increase productivity and reduce frustration. Not only is the download speed great, but the faster upload speed is really nice when uploading video content.”

“The bandwidth we get from the FairlawnGig is great,” says thomastech engineer Zack Meinke. “But even more critical for our business is the network reliability. We need a network that is always on and never down – and so far, FairlawnGig is delivering on that. We’ve moved away from an unreliable solution with slow network speeds, hours of outages and constant maintenance windows to a network that hasn’t had so much as a blip of downtime.”

Because thomastech has an engineering team across the globe it needs its Medina-based lab available 24/7 for the team to remain productive and effective. The local team is thrilled with the increased bandwidth and reliability of the new network as Medina-based employees are now able to drastically improve their use of cloud-based applications. Hancock explains that “not only is the download speed great, but the faster upload speed is really nice when uploading content like videos.”

“The FairlawnGig network has even grown our ability to sell to clients and prospects,” explains Meinke. “We now have the ability to open up our lab so customers can remotely test equipment and solutions to see how each will work in their production environment and, ultimately lead to purchase.”

Thrilled with their choice to switch to FairlawnGig, Meinke explains that thomastech receives “…great customer service, faster speeds, completely reliable

Andrew Hancock and Zack Meinke of thomastech sit down to discuss the business implications of thomastech’s subscription to FairlawnGig.
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