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In the next few weeks, construction of the main FairlawnGig fiber ring will begin along Market Street. Crews will be out locating and marking utilities along the South side of Market Street. There are many existing utilities running underground along Market Street. Locating and marking these utility lines is essential, as it allows the FairlawnGig construction crews to avoid damaging existing utility infrastructure as they are installing the FairlawnGig conduit in the right-of-way. There will be many multi-colored flags in the grass on the side of the road, and painted symbols on the street and sidewalks.

Please don’t move the flags or alter the painted markings. The markings may look strange, but they are only temporary and are vital for the safety of our construction process. City of Fairlawn crews will remove the flags and markings after construction is complete and the FairlawnGig conduit is installed underground.

fg utility marking flags