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Layer 2 Transport Services for Your Multiple-Sites

If you have multiple locations within the ever-expanding FairlawnGig service area, Layer 2 Transport from FairlawnGig may be a great option for you. Layer 2 Transport provides seamless connection from one location to another with performance levels equaling that of being under the same roof. This happens with a point-to-point carrier ethernet connection between multiple locations using a local loop at each end point.

Additionally, if you collocate your equipment in FairlawnGig’s datacenter, matching your collocation service with Layer 2 Transport is the perfect way to allow your collocation connection to extend all the way to your workplace.

Utilizing FairlawnGig’s Layer 2 Transport services gives businesses the ability to increase performance and security between offices while reducing costs by paying for only one Internet connection. FairlawnGig provides a switch for each location and connects them to our fiber network. When you plug into one of the ports, your connection quality is identical to that of an Ethernet cable run across a room.

It’s “Metro Ethernet” standard Internet service for your enterprise that delivers 1 to 100 Gig as well as ultra-low latency between locations. FairlawnGig offers this service as a much simpler, more affordable solution than setting up separate Internet connections at each locations with a VPN between them.

If you have multiple locations in the Fairlawn area, Layer Two Transport may be an excellent solution for you.

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