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A Letter to Fairlawn Residents from Ernie Staten, Fairlawn’s Deputy Service Director

(updated 7.12.2017)

The City of Fairlawn Service Department crews are progressing in the restoration of the landscaping in neighborhoods where FairlawnGig® construction has been completed. The main line (conduit) construction is finished; some streets are still having fiber pulled and the main fiber boxes installed. We expect the remaining streets to be complete in the next few weeks.

While our fiber construction crews do their best to disturb as little as possible while doing their work, we understand residents’ concern that the landscaping is not yet back to its original, pristine appearance. We are replanting flowers, restoring the grass, and repairing the concrete and asphalt. The fiber boxes and their hand holes are now being straightened and leveled.

How Fairlawn’s Residents Can Help

When our restoration crews have restored the landscaping on your street, we would appreciate a helping hand from residents. Watering the new flowers and grass in the right-of-way in front of your house will allow them to flourish and return to their original appearance even sooner. Especially if we hit a dry patch this summer!

Fairlawn landscape restorations

City of Fairlawn landscaping crews are restoring a lawn after FairlawnGig construction.

The restoration process is continuing in the order where construction began: the first neighborhood where construction started will have the restoration done first. Restoration of all the neighborhoods will continue to be done in that order throughout the city.

Restoration of private property and the right-of-way will be done directly by the City of Fairlawn Service Department. We will restore private lawns and landscaping to their original state, and anything in the right-of-way areas to the City of Fairlawn’s high standards. By the end of the summer, we will have completed the landscaping restoration and everything will be back to normal.

Bringing FairlawnGig’s fiber Internet service to fruition and constructing the network has been a complex undertaking, but one that yields a real asset for both residents and businesses. Fairlawn residents can expect our fiber network to positively impact real estate value: read more here.

We are delivering an unprecedented Internet experience coupled with responsive customer service. All of FairlawnGig’s Internet services and management is local, keeping it wholly invested in our community. You’ve come to expect top-notch city services in Fairlawn, and the restoration results will be no different. Thanks for your patience.