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No one truly seems to like their Internet Provider Service (ISP). But how much of the grumbling is legitimate and how much of it is exaggerated? A recent report declared ISPs the industry with the worst customer satisfaction in the United States.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index’s Telecommunications Study for 2021-2022 surveyed customer service satisfaction across over forty-five industries. These industries included ones such as TV subscription services, airlines, and social media, all of which are notorious for poor customer service. Nevertheless, despite some stiff competition, ISPs were rated the worst industry in customer service. They received a 64 out of 100 which was a 1.5% drop from the previous year.

In Fairlawn, we’re proud of our fiber broadband speeds, but even more, we’re proud of our customer satisfaction scores.

Our 2022 customer satisfaction survey produced an overall satisfaction score amongst household customers of 95%.

Our commitment remains what it’s always been, to provide Fairlawn with the fastest and best internet service available, anywhere.