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Global IT Security Firm Locates to Fairlawn

With offices across the globe, Tufin is a recognized and award-winning security software provider for enterprise environments. Tufin’s Fairlawn offices began with a single hire of an engineering professional but is well on it’s way to a lot more employees thanks to FairlawnGig.

In 2016 a sales engineer professional located in Fairlawn was brought on board and instead of becoming merely a remote employee, experiences within Fairlawn and especially FairlawnGig changed his“remote” status. Tufin currently has more than 30 employees in Fairlawn as its support, consulting and implementation teams moved into newly built offices that continues to grow, and now also includes Tufin sales teams, making Fairlawn the home for a growing Tufin team.

“When we started to uncover not only what Northeast Ohio had to offer in terms of workforce, but more importantly the technology infrastructure offered by FairlawnGig, we decided to establish and grow our Ohio offices, explained Raj Motwane, Tufin’s Vice President, Global Services & Support.” We ended up in Fairlawn by happenstance, but it’s the technology and accompanying customer support from FairlawnGig that is keeping us there.”

Tufin needs to support organizations across the globe using their software solutions with web and video conferencing, live screen sharing, and other high bandwidth programs. Additionally, the team needs to regularly communicate with its Tel Aviv office, leading them to turn to FairlawnGig’s VoIP telephone service as well as an affordable rate for overseas calls.

Additionally, Tufin relies on the FairlawnGig team for collocation services and improved backup solutions as the organization plans to move into the soon-to-be-established FairlawnGig Disaster Recovery Data Center.

“We’re incredibly happy not only with the world-class infrastructure we receive in Fairlawn for our operations,” said Motwane, “but also for the partner we’ve found in the FairlawnGig technical staff, dedicated to providing us with the custom solutions for our business.”

Ruvi Kitov, CEO of Tufin signs the recently cut ribbon from Fairlawn office opening while Mayor Roth looks on
Tufin office staff gather at recent opening/ribbon cutting ceremony.
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