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FairlawnGig® offers residential and business Internet access at up to 1 Gigabit per second (1 Gbps). That is 1000 Mbps download and 1000 Mbps upload—very fast.

All of the FairlawnGig service plans offer the same upload speed and download speed: the Basic is 30 Mbps Up and Down, the Premium is 100 Mbps Up and Down. The Gigabit plan is 1000 Mbps down and 1000 Mbps up. This symmetric speed offering is different than the residential Internet access plans currently available in our area. A high speed cable Internet offering in Fairlawn is 30 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. A high speed DSL Internet plan from your phone company may be 24 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.

FairlawnGig Gigabit

How Does It Compare?

A Gig is the fastest Internet connection available from FairlawnGig. That is 1000 Mbps down and 1000 Mbps up. A Gig from FairlawnGig is 20 times faster on downloads and 200 times faster on uploads than the next fastest cable residential service available in Fairlawn, which is only 50 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.

You can stream an entire two-hour HD movie from Netflix in about 30 seconds with a gigabit connection. That same movie would take more than 10 minutes to stream on the fastest cable service. With gigabit Internet access, the entire movie is on your device before you have finished watching the opening credits. When using slower Internet services, you have to wait before you start watching until enough of the movie has been downloaded, and you may have to pause while viewing the movie to allow the Internet streaming to catch up. There is no waiting with a gigabit Internet connection.

Uploading 100 wedding photos to SmugMug to share with your family will take just 3 seconds with Gigabit Internet access. That same set of 100 photos would take more than 10 minutes to upload on the fastest (50 x 5) residential cable service.

Why Should You Choose Gigabit for Residential?

Streaming media is better with a gigabit Internet connection.

  • When you have gigabit internet access, you can take full advantage of all of the capabilities of streaming content on your TV. You can stream any Internet video content such as YouTube, Hulu or Netflix directly to your TV from a set-top streaming box such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast. You can get all of your TV content from the Internet without a cable or satellite TV subscription. Stream Netflix to your TV in 4K super high definition. With a slower internet connection, you won’t even see the option to stream 4K content.

Video calls are fantastic with a gig.

  • FaceTime and Skype work great. Your calls are the highest definition possible. There are no delays or drop outs. It’s effortless.

Gaming is great with a Gig.

  • The data transfer speeds are much faster, but our gigabit connection also has the lowest latency possible—the lowest delay between your twitch on the joystick and your action being recorded in the game. More often than not, the gigabit gamer will have the edge over other online gamers.

A gigabit connection allows you to sync and back up your mobile devices to the Cloud at the same speed as you do to your local computer.

  • Download apps, synchronize shared files in Dropbox, stay current on your social media feeds, shop online, etc… The best thing about a gigabit connection for the home is that you can do all of these things and more at the same time. Multiple high definition video streams at the same time? No problem. On line gaming? No problem. Downloading a new operating system update for your mobile devices? No problem. With a gigabit connection there are no delays, and no one in the family will be able to “hog” the internet or slow it down for everyone else.

Gigabit for Business

A gigabit connection is certainly the right choice for larger businesses. For some companies, a gigabit connection could change the way they do business. Gigabit Internet access is a good match for businesses taking advantage of cloud computing. A remote office becomes less remote with a gigabit Internet connection. Interacting with the main server is just as fast as talking to the server in the next room. And with a gigabit connection video conferencing with headquarters is better than ever.

Do you want the fastest Internet plan available in Fairlawn? If you’ve signed up for a different plan with FairlawnGig and want to upgrade your service plan to the Gigabit plan, please call FairlawnGig at 330-668-3300. If you haven’t yet signed up for service, sign up here or call us at 330-668-3300.