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It is now possible to stream your TV content over the Internet and it works very well with FairlawnGig®’s lightning fast fiber Internet service. Streaming services offer the full slate of channels, including those from major networks, premium channels and most sporting events. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other streaming services are expanding their content to include original programming not available on cable channels. Streaming is on-demand: watch what you want, when you want. Many people can drop their cable TV or satellite subscription entirely and view everything through streaming. This is called “Cutting the Cord”.

One challenge toward cutting the cord is getting local news and live sports content. The major networks’ sports broadcasts are all available live through streaming, but it may not come from our local TV stations. How do cord cutters get that content? Back to basics…

HD Antennas

Investing in a reliable HD antenna for your home will allow your home TVs to pick up free, high definition and local programming over-the-air from networks such as PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the CW, and more.

You can receive the area’s available free local channels with great reception using an indoor or outdoor HD antenna combined with the tuner on your TV or set top boxes like Roku and TiVo. Indoor antennas mount on interior walls or on the back of your TV. Outdoor antennas are mounted on your home’s exterior wall or roof. It’s possible that your current antenna will work just fine to receive the stations you want. If you’re unsure, this website has a tool that shows which channels you can get and which type of antenna will work best with your home, be it one- or two-story or an apartment building. In the illustration below, we used the tool with a Fairlawn address. Green indicates which channels you can get with in indoor antenna and the yellow channels get the best reception with an outdoor antenna. However, you don’t always need an outdoor antenna.

cut the cord with an antenna

Which to Antenna to Choose: Indoor or Outdoor?

For a standalone home, an outdoor antenna is ideal to get HD programming on all your TVs simultaneously. However, not everyone needs a full-on outdoor antenna. Rentals and some condominium associations discourage tenants from mounting outdoor antennas. The indoor antenna market has seen a resurgence over the past several years with more models to choose from than ever before in all price ranges. Use this tool as a guide to decide whether an indoor or outdoor antenna would work best for your home.

Shopping for an Indoor Antenna

Making an informed decision based on actual performance is best for getting the antenna that will get you the best reception. Many can bring sharp HD programming to your TV. Some models can receive quality broadcasts from transmitters 40 to 60 miles away. This website offers reviews on several indoor antennas. Want to keep up with the latest news on cable cutting and the options? See this website for the latest news on cutting the cord.

Get your local live TV through an HD antenna and the rest of what you watch streaming through your FairlawnGig Internet service. Cutting the cable cord or satellite service can save you upwards of $1,500 a year by getting your local content for free and paying only for the premium content you actually watch.

Get ready to cut those cords for good and make the switch to FairlawnGig! Sign up for service here.