FairlawnGig® is a municipal broadband utility established by the City of Fairlawn that delivers a better Internet experience for residents and businesses in Fairlawn and the Akron/Bath/Fairlawn JEDD.

FairlawnGig’s high-speed fiber network offers an unprecedented level of Internet service to the Fairlawn area with a gigabit fiber connection to every home and business. Construction is progressing, with some neighborhoods already connected. Construction of the fiber network is expected to be complete by Fall 2017. The Installation fee is waived for residential customers who sign up for service during the construction of the network.

How we’re unique

Blazing fast Internet access! FairlawnGig delivers incredible performance, unmatched reliability and exceptional value. Gigabit Internet access is delivered over our 100% fiber network. FairlawnGig’s 1 Gigabit service is 1000 Megabits upload and 1000 Mbps download.

FairlawnGig offers both residential Internet and specialized business Internet services. We also offer home phone service. There are no equipment fees, no data caps and no long term contracts. A residential Router and Wi-Fi Access Point are included in the FairlawnGig ONT, the device that connects your location to the fiber.

The installation fee is waived for customers who sign up during the construction of the network.

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fairlawngig residential
FairlawnGig is much more than faster Internet access. It will improve your entire home networking and Internet experience. Residential service plans include the FairlawnGig ONT, an integrated home router and indoor Wi-Fi access point that will upgrade your home network, too. The FairlawnGig ONT is designed for the gigabit Internet access speeds of FairlawnGig, and it is also the perfect match for wireless streaming in your home with the latest Smart TVs, and streaming devices such as Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon TV or Apple TV. The FairlawnGig ONT is included with residential service plans. We also offer home phone service.

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FairlawnGig for Business
FairlawnGig is for businesses in Fairlawn and in the Akron/Bath/Fairlawn JEDD business district. FairlawnGig for business offers dedicated Internet access through a direct fiber connection, providing most reliable business Internet access available in the area. Business services include: dedicated Internet access, static IP addresses, private dark fiber links–all with business class service and support. FairlawnGig offers low cost installation, transparent pricing and no long term contracts.

Upgrade to a more reliable network from a local provider you know and trust. Learn more about FairlawnGig for business here.