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FairlawnGig’s high-speed fiber Internet service is faster than anything available in Northeast Ohio. We’re delivering a better Internet experience for Fairlawn residents. But beside that, there is another, unexpected bonus.


fairlawngig fiber can help with home resale value
The availability of fiber service increases home resale value: homeowners with broadband fiber service can expect their property values to increase by up to 3.1%. Fiber service availability also attracts more potential buyers.

According to an article from the Fiber to the Home Council, fiber Internet availability can have the same impact as if a homeowner had added a fireplace, or a half bath. An article from The Wall Street Journal found that many home buyers won’t even look at properties unless fiber Internet is available, equating it as necessary as electricity. Apartment owners will find that fiber availability can help attract new tenants.

You can read more about fiber’s positive real estate impact in the Fiber to the Home Council here and The Wall Street Journal here.

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