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FairlawnGig Construction is Nearly Complete!

We are happy to announce that construction of the FairlawnGig main line fiber network is nearly complete and most Fairlawn residents can now schedule their installation. Three streets are still not ready for installation: Woodpark, Averill, and Mowbray. If you have signed up for service but are not yet scheduled for installation, and live in Fairlawn (with the exception of the three above streets), please call us at 330-668-3300 to get scheduled.

There is a multi-step process to get your home connected. The process includes bringing fiber from the street to your house and indoor installation of the equipment needed for FairlawnGig service. We’ve outlined the residential installation process to help you understand how it will work from this point forward.

FairlawnGig’s Installation Process

1. The Installation Plan

Now that the main network construction is complete, we are working as fast as we can to get customers connected. FairlawnGig has an installation plan in place that makes the most efficient use of our installation and construction crews to expedite the installation process. If you are a Fairlawn resident, you can schedule installation, except for these three streets: that are not yet ready for installation: Woodpark, Averill, and Mowbray.

2. Scheduling Your Installation & Timeline

You can call us at 330-668-3300 if your street is on the list below to schedule your installation. If you do not call us, don’t worry—if you have signed up for service, we will be calling you when your street is ready for installation. However, calling takes time and we often play a lot of telephone tag so call us between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays and we can get you scheduled without waiting for us to call. When we schedule your installation, we will also advise you on a service plan that fits your Internet use. From the time we make contact to schedule your install, you can expect to be enjoying FairlawnGig Internet within approximately two weeks.

3. From the Fiber to Your Home: the Service Drop

The next step is to connect the buried fiber from the right-of-way to your house (“the service drop”) before we do your inside installation. After we have scheduled your install, but before your installation date, we will put a box on the exterior of your home near where the fiber will enter. Later, a construction crew will install fiber from the right-of-way to the box on the outside of your home.

4. Installation and Activation

On the date and time that we scheduled your install, a two person crew will come to complete your installation of the indoor install and service activation. We have installation details here if you’d like to know more.

5. Questions

You can reach us at 330-668-3300 or email You can also email us directly from your FairlawnGig account portal here.

All streets in Fairlawn (except Woodpark, Averill, and Mowbray) are ready for installation. The fastest way to get service is by calling us at 330-668-3300 to get on the installation schedule. Thank you for support and patience throughout the construction process. We look forward to connecting you! If you haven’t yet signed up for service, please do so here.

Click the map to see a large version to find your neighborhood.

FairlawnGig Service Map



Landscape Restoration Continues in Fairlawn

A Letter to Fairlawn Residents from Ernie Staten, Fairlawn’s Deputy Service Director

(updated 7.12.2017)

The City of Fairlawn Service Department crews are progressing in the restoration of the landscaping in neighborhoods where FairlawnGig® construction has been completed. The main line (conduit) construction is finished; some streets are still having fiber pulled and the main fiber boxes installed. We expect the remaining streets to be complete in the next few weeks.

While our fiber construction crews do their best to disturb as little as possible while doing their work, we understand residents’ concern that the landscaping is not yet back to its original, pristine appearance. We are replanting flowers, restoring the grass, and repairing the concrete and asphalt. The fiber boxes and their hand holes are now being straightened and leveled.

How Fairlawn’s Residents Can Help

When our restoration crews have restored the landscaping on your street, we would appreciate a helping hand from residents. Watering the new flowers and grass in the right-of-way in front of your house will allow them to flourish and return to their original appearance even sooner. Especially if we hit a dry patch this summer!

Fairlawn landscape restorations

City of Fairlawn landscaping crews are restoring a lawn after FairlawnGig construction.

The restoration process is continuing in the order where construction began: the first neighborhood where construction started will have the restoration done first. Restoration of all the neighborhoods will continue to be done in that order throughout the city.

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FairlawnGig®’s Positive Impact on Home Resale Value

FairlawnGig’s high-speed fiber Internet service is faster than anything available in Northeast Ohio. We’re delivering a better Internet experience for Fairlawn residents. But beside that, there is another, unexpected bonus.


fairlawngig fiber can help with home resale value
The availability of fiber service increases home resale value: homeowners with broadband fiber service can expect their property values to increase by up to 3.1%. Fiber service availability also attracts more potential buyers.

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