FairlawnGigTM’s Positive Impact on Home Resale Value

FairlawnGig’s high-speed fiber Internet service is faster than anything available in Northeast Ohio. We’re delivering a better Internet experience for Fairlawn residents. But beside that, there is another, unexpected bonus.


fairlawngig fiber can help with home resale value
The availability of fiber service increases home resale value: homeowners with broadband fiber service can expect their property values to increase by up to 3.1%. Fiber service availability also attracts more potential buyers.

According to an article from the Fiber to the Home Council, fiber Internet availability can have the same impact as if a homeowner had added a fireplace, or a half bath. An article from The Wall Street Journal found that many home buyers won’t even look at properties unless fiber Internet is available, equating it as necessary as electricity. Apartment owners will find that fiber availability can help attract new tenants.

You can read more about fiber’s positive real estate impact in the Fiber to the Home Council here and The Wall Street Journal here.

Find out more about FairlawnGig’s residential services here. If you haven’t signed up for service yet, please do so here.

An Update on FairlawnGig Construction

A Letter to Fairlawn Residents from Ernie Staten, Fairlawn’s Deputy Service Director

Construction of the FairlawnGig network is continuing at a rapid pace this winter all around Fairlawn. We try to give residents advance notice of when construction crews will be coming down their street. In some cases the construction crews were ahead of schedule and we did not provide advance notice before construction began. However, I am working with the construction crews and we will give residents better notice going forward.

Our fiber construction crews do their best to disturb as little as possible while doing their work. When left unattended, construction areas including the holes and boring equipment should be fenced off for safety reasons. Notify me immediately if you find a construction site where this has not been done.

The construction crews are aware that all of the hand holes must be level and the utility boxes must be straight and level. This is difficult right now during the freeze, thaw, freeze, weather that we are having. Everyone understands that I will not sign off on the construction until all of this is straightened out. We are waiting until the weather stabilizes before doing this so we can avoid having to fix the same locations multiple times.

Restoration of private property and the right-of-way will be done directly by the City of Fairlawn Service Department. We will restore private lawns and landscaping to their original state, and anything in the right-of-way areas to the City of Fairlawn’s high standards. Final restoration cannot be completed during the cold weather. As soon as the weather breaks, the concrete, asphalt and landscape restoration will begin.

Sorry about the mess. I thank Fairlawn’s residents for their concern. By the end of the summer we will have gotten everything back to normal.

Fairlawn flipping the switch on its new internet utility

This article was published by The Akron Beacon Journal/ on January 29, 2017
By Rick Armon
Beacon Journal staff writer

FAIRLAWN: Mike and Shannon Perkins would get annoyed.

Their three kids even more so.

Whenever they tried to stream a television show or movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime, it always seemed to come to a grinding halt and buffer and buffer and buffer and …

But no more. The Perkins family has jettisoned their private internet provider and recently became one of the first households in the community to connect to FairlawnGig, a new city-owned, citywide and super-fast broadband utility.

The Akron suburb is investing about $10 million to install fiber — which will deliver speeds of up to 1 gigabit — on every street in the community and the Joint Economic Development District, bringing not only internet service but also phone service literally to the front doors of homeowners and businesses alike.

The city is now flipping the switch on the first installations.

While his household already is enjoying the service, Mike Perkins, 44, a business development manager, sees benefits that extend well beyond his home.

“It’s going to make [Fairlawn] much more attractive,” he said. “Fairlawn is at the forefront and everyone else is going to be playing catch-up.”

Broadband utility

Rather than seeing the creation of an internet and phone utility as a financial risk, Mayor Bill Roth and other city leaders view it as a community asset that can be used to lure residents and businesses to Fairlawn.

Internet service is, after all, commonplace today, with more than 77 percent of U.S. households having an internet subscription.

Many households also are dumping cable and satellite television — commonly called cutting the cord — and getting their entertainment and sports through streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle and Sling TV.

“This is what makes us competitive,” Roth told the Fairlawn Area Chamber of Commerce during his state of the city speech earlier this month. “This really puts us on the map.”

Fairlawn is in rare company when it comes to its new utility. Read the entire article here.