What is FairlawnGig®?

FairlawnGig is a municipal broadband utility that will make gigabit broadband Internet service available to every residence and business throughout the City of Fairlawn and the JEDD through an underground, state-of-the-art fiber optic network.

Service Availability

When will FairlawnGig be available in my neighborhood?

Construction for FairlawnGig is nearly complete and available in many neighborhoods. Building the network to pass every home and business in Fairlawn with high speed fiber varies by neighborhood. We invite you to sign up now; there are no payments or fees until your FairlawnGig service begins. We will use the information you provide with your account to communicate with you about FairlawnGig construction, when you can begin service, and help you select the service plan that is right for you.

View our service map for updates on construction and service availability.

When can I get service?

FairlawnGig broadband service is available now to most areas of the City and the JEDD. View our service map for updates on construction and service availability.

How can residents and businesses learn more about FairlawnGig?

This website,, will be the main resource for FairlawnGig information. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates in your inbox and helpful information on how to get the most from FairlawnGig Internet service.

How will the new rules on “Net Neutrality” affect FairlawnGig Internet service?

On December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal regulations that classified the internet as a utility. This action by the FCC is known as rolling back net neutrality.

We do not expect the changes in net neutrality will affect FairlawnGig services directly.

The City of Fairlawn owns and operates the entire “last mile” network in Fairlawn. FairlawnGig connects to the Internet through multiple upstream internet providers. The pricing and terms of use for these Internet connections have not changed. We don’t anticipate any changes in our Internet access agreements at this time, as there is no reason for the large telecom companies to treat Internet traffic from FairlawnGig differently than anything else.

Cost and Contracts

How much will FairlawnGig residential service cost?

$75 for gigabit Internet access—1000 Mbps download and 1000 Mbps upload. Other residential plans are also available.

No long term contracts are required.

Residential phone service is also available. Click here for more detailed information.

Am I signing a contract? Will my fees go up after a period of time?

There are no contracts. The service is month-to-month. We have to win your business every month.

The price is the price. There is no promotional pricing.

How much will FairlawnGig business service cost?

$500 for gigabit fiber Internet access with business class service and support. FairlawnGig business pricing and services will be customized to meet the needs of individual businesses. Static IP addresses are available. Dedicated fiber links are available. Other plans are available, including a small business package.

No long term contracts are required.

Click here for more detail or call FairlawnGig to speak with a business representative.

When should I cancel my current cable service? How can I prevent getting locked into a contract with my cable provider before I switch to FairlawnGig?

We recommend that you cancel your Internet service right after your FairlawnGig installation is complete so your Internet service is not interrupted. If you are planning to switch to FairlawnGig, check your bill from your current service provider to see if there are any cancellation fees. Residential customers usually do not have any contracts with their service provider or early termination fees. Business customers usually do have contracts with their Internet service provider. If you are a cable customer, you might choose to keep your TV service through the cable company but use Fairlawngig for Internet access. In that case you would contact the cable company and change your service as soon as FairlawnGig is installed.

Do residents have to sign up for Internet service from FairlawnGig?

No. FairlawnGig is available to all residents and businesses of Fairlawn, but it is not mandated. Customers may choose to keep their existing internet service, replace their existing service with FairlawnGig, or take any combination of services.

Will there be data caps with this service?

There are no data caps with FairlawnGig residential or business service.

Phone Service

Does FairlawnGig service include phone and how much does it cost?

FairlawnGig offers phone service for residential customers. Up to two phone lines are available. Click here for pricing and details.

Can I keep my current home phone number with your voice service?

Yes, you can keep your existing phone number with FairlawnGig service.

Equipment and Network Speed

Do I need a modem or router? Can I use my existing router?

All FairlawnGig installations include the ONT. The ONT is similar to a cable modem. It is the box that interfaces to the FairlawnGig fiber network. The FairlawnGig ONT for residential service also includes a router and Wi-Fi Access Point. The Router and Access Point functions can be managed by the customer as part of their home network. The FairlawnGig router and access point are better than what most customers currently have in their homes and will usually replace their existing equipment. The FairlawnGig ONT comes with an uninterrupted power supply, which means that your Internet and phone service will stay on during a power outage. If you have a router or Wi-Fi access point that you prefer using, the FairlawnGig router can be configured to work alongside your existing equipment. Read more about the FairlawnGig ONT here.

How fast is a gigabit Internet connection?

15 Mbps is the typical speed for internet access in Fairlawn today. 50 Mbps was the fastest residential broadband available before FairlawnGig. FairlawnGig brings a gigabit Internet connection to your door.


Does FairlawnGig Internet Service include TV or cable packages?

FairlawnGig does not offer television or video services. Streaming your TV content is the way programs are now  being delivered, replacing bulky, expensive traditional cable packages. With a great Internet connection like FairlawnGig you might consider cutting the cord—getting your TV content over the Internet instead of satellite or cable TV. We have comprehensive articles in our “Cutting the Cable Cord” series here. Find information on how to get local channels, an overview of streaming services, and streaming boxes.


Does FairlawnGig Internet Service include email?

FairlawnGig does not offer EMAIL accounts. Your existing EMAIL accounts will work with FairlawnGig. Unless your existing EMAIL account is tied to your current Internet service provider, there is no need to get a new EMAIL account with FairlawnGig. If you are using your existing cable provider’s EMAIL service, you should create a new EMAIL account and transition to using the new EMAIL. There are several free EMAIL services that you could use for a new EMAIL account including Google’s gmail, Apple’s iCloud, or Yahoo! mail. These can be easily configured to come into your computer’s inbox, they work well with mobile devices, and can accessed on the web from anywhere online. In today’s world of convenient, secure, free webmail, there’s no reason to be stuck using one tied to a cable provider that disappears when you change Internet providers. Start your transition now by changing your contact email on your online accounts, such as banks and credit cards.

The City of Fairlawn’s Role with FairlawnGig

Where are the FairlawnGig offices?

The FairlawnGig offices are in the City of Fairlawn Service Center located at 3300 Service Center Drive. FairlawnGig will operate a retail service window across from where residents get Compactor stickers today.

How much does FairlawnGig cost the city?

The construction of the entire fiber and wireless network will cost approximately $10 million. The City of Fairlawn will not increase taxes or assessments for residents or businesses. All revenues generated by the City for services provided by FairlawnGig will be used to operate and maintain the network and to pay for the system over time.

What if I have more questions?

Ernie Staten, Fairlawn’s Deputy Service Director, is in charge of the FairlawnGig project and he manages the Department of Public Service that oversees the City’s other important infrastructure. “Ask Ernie!” is your opportunity to find out more about the construction of FairlawnGig and how it impacts other City services. Read more questions and answers and ask a question for Ernie Staten here.


Mbps: Megabits per second. One Megabit per second is one million bits per second.

Gbps: Gigabits per second. One Gigabit per second is one billion bits per second, or 1000 Mbps.

ONT: Optical Network Termination equipment. This is the box at your home or business that contains the interface to the FairlawnGig fiber network, similar to the modem you may currently have.

AP: Access Point. Wi-Fi Access Points manage the wireless network and connect local wireless devices to a wired network.