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FairlawnGig installationStandard Residential Installation is $150. The City is subsidizing the install of FairlawnGig for residents who sign up for FairlawnGig service during the construction of the network.

What is included in standard installation?

  • Connecting fiber to your home’s exterior from the FairlawnGig fiber optic network that runs underground in the right-of-way along every street in Fairlawn.
  • A fiber connection from your home’s exterior to your router. The standard install is limited to an 80-foot cable run to the room in your house containing your home router.
  • The FairlawnGig ONT is included with standard installation. The City of Fairlawn owns this hardware; there are no fees for FairlawnGig customers to use the FairlawnGig ONT.
  • Programming and configuration of the FairlawnGig ONT home network. Our technicians will assist in transitioning your home to FairlawnGig. They will configure the FairlawnGig ONT to match your current home’s wireless, networking and security settings.

Installation Process for Residential Customers

1. Connecting your House.

exterior installation

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When your neighborhood’s construction is complete, as a FairlawnGig customer, you will be asked to sign a Right of Entry agreement. Then a FairlawnGig technician can come to your house and confirm where the service will enter your house. This is usually in the same location where your phone and electrical enter your house. A small box will be mounted on the side of an exterior wall of your house. Later, a construction crew will install fiber cable, connecting to the conduit from the street nearby to this box. This will connect to your home in the same manner as your existing Internet, phone, or electric service. If you currently receive these services above ground from an aerial drop off a nearby pole, that is how the cable will enter your house. If your current phone or cable TV service is underground, the cable will be run under your yard to your home’s same exterior location.

Once the outside wiring is complete, we will schedule an appointment with a FairlawnGig technician to complete the remaining installation steps at your home.

2. Inside Wiring and Installation.

interior installation

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FairlawnGig technicians will run fiber cable into your house from the exterior box to the room with your home router. The FairlawnGig ONT will usually be placed in the same location as your current router, cable modem or DSL modem. The FairlawnGig ONT includes an advanced Wi-Fi Access Point. We recommend placing the ONT out in the open. Putting it behind a desk on the floor or inside a cabinet will reduce the range of the built-in Wi-Fi Access Point. For most Fairlawn homes, installing the FairlawnGig ONT on the main floor, out in the open, will provide excellent wireless coverage throughout the entire house. The fiber cable for indoor installation is custom manufactured in 80-foot lengths with connectors and cannot be modified. The cost of longer cables is not included in the standard install and additional costs to complete custom installations are the customer’s responsibility.

3. Home Network Set-up and Launching FairlawnGig Service.

The FairlawnGig ONT is capable of running your entire home network. FairlawnGig technicians can configure the FairlawnGig ONT to act as your home router and main Wi-Fi access point. Two home networking configurations are possible with the standard install:

  • The best networking option is to use the new Wi-Fi Access Point and home router that are built into the FairlawnGig ONT. FairlawnGig technicians will configure the home networking elements of the FairlawnGig ONT to match your current network configuration. You will fill out a questionnaire in advance of the installation about your home networking configuration. Our technicians will need to know about your network, current service provider, Wi-Fi network names, Wi-Fi passwords, security settings, etc. By having this information beforehand, we can program the ONT for your home before our technicians arrive, ensuring a smoother install. If you feel more comfortable programming the FairlawnGig ONT yourself, our technicians will show you how to access the customer web interface for the ONT. Changing the configuration of other network devices such as printers, Smart TVs, game systems, or tablets is not included in the standard install.
  • Or you can choose to continue using your existing home router and Wi-Fi Access Point, using the FairlawnGig ONT to bridge to your home network. In this case, the home networking features of the ONT will not be enabled, with the FairlawnGig ONT configured to bridge to your network. The WAN connection is unplugged on your home router and instead is plugged into the same port on the FairlawnGig ONT. The reset of your home network will operate the same as how it does now.

Before departing, our technicians will validate your service, confirming that your new FairlawnGig Internet is working.