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As our “shopping days remaining” reaches the single digits, we’re guessing your shopping list still needs some help. Today our own team of tech enthusiasts provides some ideas, with a variety if price tags. We’re not here to endorse or boost sales for any tech giant, these are just some of items the staff likes. Each item’s effectiveness will be maximized with the bandwidth provided by our service.

Peter Klein, Support Team
If you have someone on your list that loves smartphones but can’t stand how big they’ve become, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is a great solution. The latest in a line of foldable smartphones from Samsung easily slides in and out of even the smallest pockets, without compromising performance or screen size. Samsung also offers this folding technology in a tablet-sized phone that folds down to the size of a standard smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

Ian Simmons, Inside Plant Technician
I’m what is called a “usable” guy. I like having tech entwined in my daily life and I have a few people like that on my list, including my mother-in-law. I just purchased a smart watch for her as she likes to monitor her health and count steps. Both Apple and Galaxy offer watches that synch to their corresponding smartphones. I’ll have to say, they were more affordable than I thought they would be ($200-$400).

Dustin Wright, Chief Technology Officer
If someone on your list is in the market for a laptop, I really like Macs. And with a new line expected next year, if the laptop-needy person on your list isn’t the type to experience FOMO as a result of these new devices, you might be find a MacBook Air to put under the tree for less than you normally would. If Mac’s are more laptop than you need (or can afford), the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is an affordable (~$220) combo laptop/tablet with a detachable keyboard and kickstand.

Amy Austin, Administrative Secretary
My list includes teens, twenty-somethings, and even an adorable grandbaby! I’m stuffing stockings with some streaming gift cards. From Netflix (to get the older one off my account) to Hulu (I hear The Great is… well, great). And Disney Plus is a must for the grandbaby to start watching classic Disney movies. Often gifts are splurges, so I’m getting a Smart Soundbar for both my son and husband.

Ernie Staten, Director of Public Service
There’s not one item I would point to but rather I would suggest you check out the myriad of smart devices for the tech enthusiast on your list. There’s a smart device for every room of the house and FairlawnGig’s robust WiFi will make sure every item, in all the corners of your home, work seamlessly. Smart lightbulbs or plugs are great for stockings. Smart speakers for living rooms or bedrooms are great and you can choose from devices that use different voice assistance platforms including Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. There’s a smart device for every item in your kitchen that plugs in (including the coffee maker) and you can even get a smart shower head to ensure the water’s toasty warm on a cold morning. There are even smart devices for outside your home including smart doorbells, locks, and lights. Visit the smarthome website to learn more!

We’re wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season and an amazing 2022!