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We’ve had a lot of questions about expanding our service and when FairlawnGig might come to a neighborhood or business park outside of Farlawn’s service area. Recently we’ve gone beyond Fairlawn’s borders for business needs including Akron’s Bounce Innovation Hub.

The City of Fairlawn established FairlawnGig as a forward-thinking economic development strategy as we believe that business growth, innovation, and community transformation will follow with every connection.

Beyond Fairlawn, we’re interested in the region’s growth and prosperity. However, spending Fairlawn’s tax dollars beyond our borders is not in our charter.

So where does this leave you if you want to receive FairlawnGig’s service beyond Fairlawn? Driving down our costs as well as raising our ability to reach you starts with a majority of the homes in your area requesting service. An example would be if your neighborhood has ten homes, make sure at least six have requested service by either calling 330-668-3300 or signing up on our website >> 

Another step you could take is to speak to your own city/town leadership about partnering with FairlawnGig to bring your community the same great service Fairlawn receives. We’d be happy to sit down with community leadership to discuss the possibilities.

We would love to add you and your neighbors to our expanding roster of happy customers!