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FairlawnGig’s Impact on Real Estate

Bill Snow has been an area resident since childhood. He sees Fairlawn as a progressive community that’s a natural fit for FairlawnGig’s unique offering. As Fairlawn evolves from a retail center to business hub with an increase in homes, it’s been incumbent for Fairlawn to provide each group (visitors, businesses, residents) with the robust internet speeds and capabilities increasingly needed.
As a realtor with Stouffer Realty, Snow has seen commercial lease values increase alongside home resale prices. Snow’s business clients see a strong desire for the type of speeds only FairlawnGig provides, considering Internet speed impacts many businesses’ decision on where they’ll locate or whether they’ll stay.

“Without good access they can’t locate in a community – without good, reliable and fast access they’re out of business,” explains Snow.

And FairlawnGig is impacting home values as well says Snow, “Since FairlawnGig became available home resale prices have increased 8.7% in one short year. While I can’t attribute the rise entirely to FairlawnGig, it certainly is a big part of it.”

Betsy Henn, a fellow Stouffer realtor also sees the rise in home values thanks to FairlawnGig. As a business and home subscriber herself, Henn sees the value herself and is able to present a great Internet solution for people looking to move into Fairlawn.

“Everything about FairlawnGig is easy and better than a traditional internet provider,” explains Henn. “From installation to support services, from ridiculously fast speeds with zero service interruptions at half the cost, FairlawnGig is a big advantage the community has to attract both home buyers and businesses.”

Home Resale ROI

Since FairlawnGig was introduced, home resale values have risen every year!











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