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If you or your organization are part of (or work with) the public sector, we have some great news for you. Recently FairlawnGig was added to the OARnet network, dramatically increasing response times while decreasing latency. 

We’ve deployed a network-to-network interface (NNI) with the city and FairlawnGig to improve not only interaction with OARnet organizations, but also to improve the responsiveness of cloud applications for those FairlawnGig customers working in the public sector.

If you’re unfamiliar with OARnet, it is a division of the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s Ohio Technology Consortium, serving Ohio’s education, health care, public broadcasting and government communities.

The OARnet network includes more than 2,240 miles of fiber-optic backbone, with more than 1,500 miles of it operating at ultrafast 100 Gbps speeds. The network blankets the state, providing connectivity to Ohio’s colleges and universities, K-12 schools, public broadcasting stations, academic medical centers, government agencies, and partnering research organizations.