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Bezlio Helping Manufacturers Get Mobile with FairlawnGig

Bezlio and its 13 employees moved into Bounce in September 2018 looking for a creative environment. Bezlio saw the value Bounce provided to help the company grow in an entrepreneurial center within a thriving Akron business community. With more than 16 years’ experience customizing and optimizing ERP systems and managing data, Bezlio provides a platform that helps manufacturers access their existing data in real time on mobile devices. Brian Ellis, CTO of Bezlio says that “FairlawnGig’s robust Internet service is critical for our business as we rely on real-time connectivity to support our global customers, 24/7. We need an extremely fast as well as stable Internet connection to support our customers and help them mobilize their data so that they can be more efficient themselves.” Bezlio’s applications and servers as well as its own product is fully cloud-based, making the speed and reliability provided by FairlawnGig critical to the business’ growing operations. “The reliability FairlawnGig empowers us to manage, maintain, and monitor servers and connect to our customers,” explains Ellis. “Almost all of our work is heavily reliant on a robust connection. This includes online meetings where the speed, clarity, and reliability FairlawnGig provides helps us close deals all over the world, right here from Akron. It’s nice that Akron has everything we need to compete globally including fast, affordable and reliable Internet service from FairlawnGig.”
Brian Ellis, CTO of Bezlio
FairlawnGig is a Municipal Broadband Utility from the City of Fairlawn, Ohio.


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