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Kumho Tires’ Innovation Rolls in Fairlawn

You may have heard of Kumho Tires, based in South Korea – one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers. What you may not be aware of is that the company has Buckeye roots as its North American Research & Development team is based in Akron, Ohio.

Rick Cunat, the Managing Director for Kumho Americas Technical Center (KATC), recently found himself turning to FairlawnGig to find a solution for their internet service.

“I had heard of FairlawnGig and decided to investigate their service options.” explains Cunat. “I turned to the local FairlawnGig customer support team and was pleasantly surprised to learn that FairlawnGig could provide a secure fiber optic solution to our location within days, with no cost for installation, and less operational cost. Other providers advised that a new installation could take up to 30-60 days and there would be a cost to install.”

As R&D professionals in a global business, KATC’s employees create and run complex models which require increased bandwidth. In addition, they share significant, large files with their counterparts globally and North America customers every day. “FairlawnGig provided the secure solution that increased the speed and efficiency at which we operate.” says Cunat.

Cunat goes on to explain that moving forward, “FairlawnGig is an integral part of providing an environment which will attract and retain an R&D team tasked with developing world-class tires for North America.”

The next time you need a set of tires, FairlawnGig encourages you to consider shopping local!

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