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Mosher Media Bringing Video Production Home Thanks to FairlawnGig

Right here in Fairlawn, resides one of the region’s leading video production firms, Mosher Media. In business since 1992, Mosher Media is 11 employees strong working with corporations, advertising agencies, and individuals delivering both video and photography solutions.

A resident of Fairlawn himself, Mosher Media’s owner and president Dan Mosher knew about FairlawnGig from its inception.

“When I saw how FairlawnGig was performing in my house and I saw its speed capabilities and reliability,” explains Mosher, “we quickly consolidated Mosher Media in Fairlawn.”

The Mosher Media team in Fairlawn relies on service speeds that Mosher cannot receive from any other Internet provider in the region.

“Because FairlawnGig exists, I decided to relocate most of my team from Rockside Road in Independence to our location on West Market Street in Fairlawn,” says Mosher. “Now my team can easily exchange large media files with our clients and our studios in Pittsburgh and Columbus. The video file transfer utilizing FairlawnGig is incredibly fast.”

Mosher Media, like any video production company in the 21st century has massive storage needs to the point that many firms with less bandwidth available than provided by FairlawnGig are unable to have offsite backups. This is of course a risky proposition – one that Mosher Media doesn’t need to face as it’s able to conduct offsite cloud-storage backups nightly. Video firms like Mosher Media have backup files in excess of hundreds of terabytes.

Dan explains that Mosher Media is even expanding its business opportunities thanks to FairlawnGig connectivity. “We frequently work with and for out-of-town crews filming in Akron/Cleveland and they are impressed with how quickly we can transfer their video back to their network headquarters or studios in New York or Los Angeles. The word is out that we have this crazy fast Internet service.”

As a resident of Fairlawn, Mosher is gratified to see FairlawnGig here. “I own both a home and business in Fairlawn, so it makes me proud that our city leaders would have this foresight to build FairlawnGig. It improves the community, improves the values of our homes, and it tells me our leaders care about the community! FairlawnGig, in combination with all of the other attributes of Fairlawn, is really making this an attractive place to locate your business.”

FairlawnGig is a Municipal Broadband Utility from the City of Fairlawn, Ohio.


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