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Local Plastics Recycling Firm Turns to FairlawnGig for “Next Generation” Internet Services

Next Generation Plastics is a full-service post-industrial plastics recycling company looking to work with plastics manufacturers who have excess scrap and waste. Next Generation Plastics re-markets the scrap to be recycled in both domestic and global markets.

Renee Heiney, president of Next Generation Plastics, leads a team of four in Akron who have quickly come to depend on FairlawnGig’s service to improve their business processes and drive down costs.

Prior to switching to FairlawnGig a year ago, Next Generation Plastics faced significant challenges from the previous incumbent provider with IP address issues causing intermittent and regular outages.

Now that Next Generation Plastics is on FairlawnGig they’re able to move applications to the cloud and operate them efficiently. The organization has also reduced telephone expenditures by half with VoIP telephone solutions. Also reducing the bill for Internet services while receiving faster service.

“Thanks to FairlawnGig, we’re able to affordably communicate with prospects across the globe,” explains Heiney. “Just recently we were able to land an account in Europe that’s an extremely important piece of business for the supply chain.”

FairlawnGig is a Municipal Broadband Utility from the City of Fairlawn, Ohio.


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