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In early March of 2020, FairlawnGig surveyed its business customers in an effort to better measure the impact the network has on the community. To drive participation, we kept the survey to ten questions, lasting less than two minutes. While participation dropped off as the survey went on, approximately 150 businesses participated in a bulk of the survey. What follows are the findings from the survey of businesses and organizations who subscribe to FairlawnGig’s services.

More than half (52%) of participating businesses said it was either “Extremely” or “Very” important that FairlawnGig existed to decide to stay/locate in Fairlawn.

Staying with importance, a majority (86%) of business customers “agree” that FairlawnGig service is important to their business.

Almost all (98%) say the “value” they receive from FairlawnGig is important.

Nearly half (46%) of surveyed businesses say that FairlawnGig has allowed them to “open new markets and/or grow my business.”

In other words, area businesses are able to compete and win in new markets because of FairlawnGig, driving economic opportunities and tax dollars to Fairlawn.

Finally, we wanted to examine the job creating impact of FairlawnGig.

Of businesses surveyed, 16% say that being in Fairlawn is the primary reason for being in Fairlawn and that ALL their jobs are directly attributable to FairlawnGig.

Additionally, 24% say that all or most of their jobs are directly attributable to FairlawnGig.

Forty-four (44) people answered, specifically, how many jobs were created/the result of FairlawnGig’s service and the total jobs attributed was 695 or an average of 16 jobs.