FairlawnGig offers Enterprise Ethernet Service for large business customers with speeds of 1, 2.5, 10, or even 100 Gigabits per second. Enterprise Ethernet services can be configured with diverse physical paths that require custom installation and design.

Enterprise Ethernet ensures that, unlike a standard shared ethernet connection, each device, station, etc. has a dedicated connection with an unwavering and fixed upload and download speed.

This enterprise solution prevents your devices from “competing” for bandwidth and instead simply dedicates a specific speed – defined by you – to each.  Enterprise Ethernet lets you decide where your bandwidth goes internally and to which devices based on equipment and need. This is a great solution if your organization, or a division within it, needs a flexible, scalable, high bandwidth interconnection for today’s real-time applications. For example, if your engineering department needs higher bandwidth at all times to support CAD files, Enterprise Ethernet would be a great solution.

Enterprise Ethernet from FairlawnGig delivers:

Increased Reliability – Low latency and low packet loss ensure data integrity. Using a Enterprise Ethernet configuration in your network ensures no data “collisions” with dedicated connections.

Certainty – Receive the performance you need within each department or device by dedicating bandwidth as you determine its needed.

Peaceful Coexistence – Data and voice applications work more seamlessly when separate.

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