Customer Downloads

FairlawnGig Customer Downloads

These helpful pdfs and can be viewed, downloaded and printed.

Home Telephone Service

Learn about our residential home service, delivered over the same hardware you have to your existing phones!

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Connecting Your Home

An overview of how FairlawnGig connects to your home to deliver unprecedented service.

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FairlawnGig ONT

Home Hardware

Your FairlawnGig connection is made possible with the standard and complimentary ONT. Learn more about it!

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Optimizing Your FairlawnGig WiFi

Some handy tips to ensure your FairlawnGig WiFi network runs as effectively as possible.

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Home Voicemail Setup

A quick and easy guide to setup your home voicemail service!

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Quick Start Guide to Streaming

A guide to help you get started streaming television shows and movies on the FairlawnGig network.

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