Office: 330-668-3300 - 24/7 Support: 234-206-9110

June 8, 2020
As the State gradually reopens, our installation schedule continues to increase. We still maintain social distancing precautions and defer to each home in terms of all the precautions we take. We have, however, retired the hazmat suit!

May 26, 2020
As of today, FairlawnGig is open for selective needs. If it is determined that you need to enter the building a face covering is required. If you would like to drop off your payment at our offices, we continue to have a secure, 24/7 dropbox to the left of the entryway. Please utilize the option of calling 330-668-3300 and email as tech support is still working remotely.

April 30, 2020
As Ohio slowly reopens, FairlawnGig is pleased to announce that we are doubling our install capacity beginning the week of May 4. We will continue to take the same precautions we instituted on April 3. We look forward to helping you get connected to better Internet service. Our service center remains closed to the public while we are all reachable via phone and email.

April 3, 2020
Recognizing the Governor DeWine extended the stay-at-home order and taking into consideration that the Internet is, more than ever, an essential service, we are back installing FairlawnGig to those needing an upgrade to our robust Internet service. Ian Simmons (pictured) demonstrates our extreme precautions. If you’re struggling with your current service, let us know. Precautionary steps we are taking include:

  • Social Distancing
  • Protective “Hazmat” suit
  • Children moved to other room(s)
  • Window(s) opened
  • More as needed

March 23, 2020
In these unprecedented and turbulent times, we wanted to provide you with an update as to how we are handling operations at FairlawnGig.

First, we feel for our entire community and businesses. We relate to the struggles this pandemic presents to small businesses as we are, in essence, a small business ourselves with less than 10 full-time employees on staff.

Aligning our own procedures with those of Governor DeWine’s orders to stay-at-home, we have sent our own staff home. Critical staff including customer service, remain working and available.

If you have any support needs, we are “here” (working from home) for you. We’re confident we can assist and walk you through any technical issues you may experience as this past week we conducted testing to make sure everything works well remotely.

When Fairlawn invested in the FairlawnGig network, we designed a network both the unforeseen as well as our own aspirational future with broadband capacities exceeding our imaginations. We want to assure you of the network’s strength and its ability to hold up during unprecedented need and demand.

We’re currently seeing an increase in network traffic at a rate of 150% of a “typical” week. Fortunately, this is still merely a fraction of overall network capacity. When kids start “going to school” online, the network is projected to be able to handle all of your Internet needs! Your home connection will be able to support work-from-home video conferencing, video streaming, gaming, etc. simultaneously, seamlessly.

Never before has our robust and reliable network been more important. And never before have we been more grateful to you, our customers. If you should need anything, including if you are one of our customers who chose a lower speed option from day one, we can upgrade right away – no in-person appointment needed.

Stay safe. Our customer support team is available 24/7 and actively manning our customer service line from M-F at 330-668-3300 and via email at Follow us online at @fairlawngig and

March 17, 2020
As our customers are very important to us, FairlawnGig is being proactive and suspending installations until further notice. Should you have a problem, our technicians will be available for phone calls. In home/office service calls will be addressed on an emergency basis only. Please be aware that the City of Fairlawn Service Department will only be accessible to City of Fairlawn employees only.

We ask that you please mail your payment to the address listed at the bottom of this announcement or go online and set your account up for automatic payments. If you should need assistance setting up automatic payments, please call our office at 330-668-3300.

Mail Payments to:
City of Fairlawn
D/B/A FairlawnGig
PO Box 13422
Fairlawn, OH 44334