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Without your IT systems, even for a brief time, you’ll be out of business. That’s why colocation is increasingly a “must-have” for businesses large and small. Unfortunately, it is often cost prohibitive for organizations to find effective and affordable colocation services that help to guarantee business continuity.

Colocating your equipment with FairlawnGig’s state-of-the-art data center (located at 3300 Fairlawn Service Drive) brings you the same level of performance as on-premise equipment while delivering significant benefits, including power and Internet redundancies that will ensure that even if the worst happens locally, you’ll still be in business globally.

Many businesses find the amount of space, power, and climate control required to run systems on-premise onerous, not to mention dubious in terms of the best practices for disaster recovery. Colocation within FairlawnGig’s data center brings our customers a secure, climate-controlled, and redundant environment 24/7, 365 days a year. Our data center is backed up by electrical generators, multiple carriers, and supported by extensive security measures at a fraction of the cost of traditional colocation options.

Colocation with FairlawnGig not only frees up your office from the burden of operating your own data center or computer room, you can also easily use FairlawnGig as an offsite backup solution and disaster recovery site.

You can use your FairlawnGig colocation connection as your primary Internet connection. Couple colocation with Layer 2 Transport or Dark Fiber services and your business can have a connection directly between your colocated equipment and your office, allowing your equipment to be directly on your local network despite being miles away. Additionally, FairlawnGig  offers a direct connect service with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which will enable you to extend your local network all the way to your data in Amazon’s cloud.

Contact our business sales department to learn more about how FairlawnGig’s colocation services can benefit your business.