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Fairlawn City Council approves Financing, Construction, Operations and Maintenance Agreements for the FairlawnGig® Municipal Broadband Utility

Fairlawn, Ohio – April 4, 2016

At its regularly scheduled meeting on April 4, 2016, the Fairlawn City Council unanimously voted to approve four ordinances that authorize the construction and operation of FairlawnGig, a municipal broadband utility that will make wireless and gigabit fiber optic internet services available to all residents and businesses throughout the City of Fairlawn and the Akron-Fairlawn-Bath Township Joint Economic Development District (JEDD).

“I thank the City Council for their foresight in approving the FairlawnGig ordinances,” said Fairlawn Mayor, William J. Roth, Jr. “Our vision to make world-class, high-speed internet services available to the residents and businesses of Fairlawn is now a reality. FairlawnGig will deliver a faster, better, and different Internet service from a trusted local provider, and will significantly aid in our efforts to promote economic development and commercial and residential growth in the City of Fairlawn.”

Over the last year, the City conducted a nationwide RFP process to determine the feasibility of the FairlawnGig project and to identify qualified companies who can assist in designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining the FairlawnGig fiber optic and wireless network. Passage of these ordinances enables the City to move forward with the FairlawnGig project and to begin construction and operation of the network this year.

The Ordinances authorize the City to enter into a contract with Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. of Richardson, Texas, for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the fiber and wireless network. Financing of the FairlawnGig network will be through the issuance of revenue bonds by an agreement with the Development Finance Authority of Summit County.

For more information about FairlawnGig, visit the website or contact Ernie Staten, Deputy Service Director at

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