Business Broadband Services

No matter your organization’s size, a gigabit connection improves productivity and effectiveness. For many, a gigabit connection may open new markets and/or foster innovation and growth.

Gigabit Internet service empowers cloud storage and applications as well as making remote working from Fairlawn to anywhere in the world.

Business Installation

The City of Fairlawn pays for the outside plant construction required to bring the FairlawnGig network into customer buildings. If your business is in Fairlawn's city limits, your building is “on net.” Business customers are responsible for indoor installation from the telecom room where FairlawnGig fiber enters their building to their office suite. At the initial sign-up, businesses must commit to six months of service, then the business service plan is billed month-to-month.


Business Service Level Agreement (SLA)

FairlawnGig guarantees the network uptime and availability for business customers and back it up with a strong SLA. The FairlawnGig Business SLA meets or exceeds any other business offerings for
fiber networks in Northeast Ohio. Response time for business customers is one hour and repairs to restore service are
initiated within four hours.

Enterprise Services

FairlawnGig offers Switched Ethernet service for large business customers with speeds of 1 or 10 Gigabits per second. Switched Ethernet services can be configured with diverse physical paths
and require custom installation and design. Contact a FairlawnGig business specialist to find out if your business would benefit
from this type of resilient service.


Static IP Addresses

FairlawnGig business service plans include 1 Static IP address.
A block of 5 Static IP addresses is $25 per month and a block of 13 addresses is $50 per month. Larger blocks of IP addresses are available.

Static IPs are critical for hosting and VPN services among other applications.

Redundant Services

When you choose FairlawnGig as your organization’s ISP, it means you will be backed by the latest cutting edge equipment and a team of local technicians and service personnel committed to giving your business uninterrupted premium service.

Beyond our amazing reliability, FairlawnGig offers two distinct services for businesses that absolutely need continuous coverage… no matter what.


Colocation Services

Colocating your equipment with FairlawnGig’s state-of-the-art data center (located at 3300 Fairlawn Service Drive) brings you the same level of performance as on-premise equipment while delivering significant benefits, including power and Internet redundancies that will ensure that even if the worst happens locally, you’ll still be in business globally.


Layer 2 Transport

Layer 2 Transport provides seamless connection from one location to another with performance levels equaling that of being under the same roof. This happens with a point-to-point carrier ethernet connection between multiple locations using a local loop at each end point.


Need More Information About our Superior Broadband Services?

Contact a FairlawnGig business sales specialist at 330-668-3300 or email us at

Is Your Business Located Outside of Fairlawn?

Businesses outside of Fairlawn interested in subscribing to FairlawnGig should contact our Sales Department at 330-668-3300 or

Business Internet Service Plans

Do you want the fastest Internet plan available in Fairlawn?

Sign up with FairlawnGig today by choosing a plan that is right for your business! If you’ve signed up for a different plan with FairlawnGig and want to upgrade your service plan, please call us at 330-668-3300. Additionally, if you are a small business, contact us to talk about a service level right for your needs. Click here for more information about our business service packages.



100 Mbps Upload and Download
99.99% Network Availability

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500 Mbps Upload and Download
99.99% Network Availability

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1000 Mbps Upload and Download
99.99% Network Availability

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Business Service Options


Small Business Bundle

For: Smaller businesses & retail shops
Speed: 500 Mbps (upload and download)
Static IP: No
Phone: One phone number
SLA: 24 hours

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Business Connections

For: Small-to-medium sized organizations
Speed: 100 Mbps (Basic), 500 Mbps (Premium), and 1,000 Mbps (Gigabit)
Static IP: Yes
Phone: Phone line with handset included $38/month
Additional feature: Connect your company’s hardware, firewall, etc. using “bridge mode.”
SLA: 24/7/365 availability for emergency support. Response times typically within 5-10 minutes, guaranteed within a four-hour timespan.

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Enterprise Connections

For: Larger organizations and organizations with greater security needs
Speed: 1 gigabit, 10 gigabits, and 100 gigabits
Static IP: Yes
Phone: Phone line with handset included $38/month
Additional feature: Single, dedicated fiber optical cable running from your business to the FairlawnGig data center.
SLA: 24/7/365 availability for emergency support with response times within five minutes during business hours and within an hour after-hours

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