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FairlawnGig is pleased to announce that, in the coming weeks, pricing and service levels will be modified, benefitting our residential customers. Fairlawn City Council recently approved changes to FairlawnGig’s fees and service levels for Fairlawn, Ohio residents.

Between now and December 1st, each home subscribed to either the Residential Premium or the Residential Gig service levels will be migrated to the FairlawnGig Premium package. This package will offer one gigabit, upload and download, at $55/month. Customers who were previously at the Residential Premium 300 x 300 service level (now retired) will receive more than 3x the speed for the same price paid while former Residential Gig (1000 x 1000) service level (now retired) will save $20/month.

Residential Pro 2.5 gigabit customers will be transitioned to the FairlawnGig Pro package. This service level will deliver 5 gigabit upload and download for $99/month. The previous Residential Pro 2.5 gigabit (2500 x 2500) service level (now retired) customers will be receiving twice the speed for significantly less cost monthly. This option gives the work from home professional more control over their network by each customer providing their own router.

We’re making these changes more than five years after our launch based on numerous, positive factors. The support from our community has surpassed even our most optimistic projections when we began this venture to deliver world-class internet services.

The financial success and stability of FairlawnGig has allowed us to make a move that private providers rarely (if ever) make. With our subscriptions and satisfaction numbers still on the rise, we want to give back to the community that has supported us so earnestly.

When we launched FairlawnGig, we made a commitment to continuously strive to provide better service, for less. Thank you for your continued support!

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