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Advanced Networking Hardware. Included with your service for no additional charge. Awesome!

FairlawnGig ONT

The FairlawnGig ONT is included with residential service plans from FairlawnGig. The ONT hardware is part of the standard installation and there are no additional hardware fees. As long as you are using FairlawnGig Internet service, you can use the FairlawnGig ONT in your home. The City of Fairlawn will cover the standard installation cost for residents who sign up for service during the construction of the network.

FairlawnGig business customers will have a different ONT. Business connections over FairlawnGig use a different type of fiber connection, and businesses usually have their own well formed internal networks. FairlawnGig business installations will be customized to match the specific requirements of each business.

What’s an ONT?

FairlawnGig brings a gigabit fiber Internet connection to your house. The FairlawnGig ONT is the box that connects your house to FairlawnGig. The ONT replaces your cable modem or DSL gateway from your current Internet provider when you upgrade to FairlawnGig. ONT stands for Optical Network Termination. The FairlawnGig ONT completes the fiber connection to FairlawnGig and converts the optical signals to networking technologies that you already have in your home—Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The FairlawnGig ONT comes with an uninterrupted power supply which means that your Internet and phone service will stay on during a power outage.

The FairlawnGig ONT for residential service is the Calix 844G GigaCenter. It includes much more than the subscriber interface for the FairlawnGig fiber network. The GigaCenter has:

  • A four port gigabit Ethernet switch.
  • A home gateway and firewall.
  • Two telephone ports for optional phone service.
  • A state-of-the-art Wi-Fi Access Point.

It is possible to get FairlawnGig residential service without using any of these fantastic home networking features. During installation, our technicians could configure the FairlawnGig ONT to bridge directly to your existing home network, so you can continue to use the router, gateway and Wi-Fi Access Point that you already have. However, we don’t recommend that approach.

Upgrade Your Entire Home Network

For most homes, we recommend using all of the home networking capabilities that are built into the FairlawnGig ONT. The Access Point, switch and gateway are integrated together and designed to work at full gigabit speed. FairlawnGig customers can manage all of these through an intuitive web interface.

The home gateway and firewall allows you to manage your network security and includes parental controls that limit internet access to certain times of the day for the whole network or for particular devices.

Whole Home Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi certifiedThe Wi-Fi Access Point built into the GigaCenter is the most advanced Access Point available for consumers today. It is a Wave 2 802.11ac Access Point that supports simultaneous dual-band operation, 4 x 4 multi-user MIMO, four spatial streams, and beam forming. The technical jargon may be impressive, but what matters most for consumers is this single box will provide high speed Wi-Fi throughout your entire house. The GigaCenter is Wi-Fi certified and is compatible with all of your existing Wi-Fi devices. It supports all of the latest networking standards and is designed to work seamlessly with the newest Wi-Fi-enabled consumer gadgets such as Smart TVs, video streaming set top boxes, smart lighting, indoor home security systems such as nanny cameras, and the latest tablets and smartphones.

Simply put: you want this Access Point. It is better than what you have now. It provides more coverage, faster speeds, and compatibility with a wider range of devices than any Access Point you are using in your home today.

Have Your Guests Be Our Guests

Every FairlawnGig ONT comes with the “FairlawnGig Guest” wireless network enabled. Two wireless network IDs are reserved for customers’ use. Your Access Point will be configured to support your home’s secure Wi-Fi network that you define. You could also set up an open Wi-Fi network for guests in your home, but it is not necessary with FairlawnGig. You could simply have your guests try “FairlawnGig Guest” when they need to access the Internet from your home. It is more secure. Your guests will have access to the Internet, but they won’t be able to see any of the network elements inside your home. You don’t have to give visitors your Wi-Fi password. And they can use FairlawnGig Guest at more and more places throughout Fairlawn as the wireless network expands. The FairlawnGig Guest network will not use up “your data” and will not reduce the maximum Internet access speed available at your home..

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