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Office: 330-668-3300 - 24/7 Support: 234-206-9110 support@fairlawngig.net
Limitless. Unmatched. Local. Better.
Limitless. Unmatched. Local. Better.
Limitless. Unmatched. Local. Better.
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The best online experiences, anywhere, right here in Fairlawn.

Unprecedented fiber optic internet service delivering bandwidth to break down
barriers at home and innovate and grow at work.

Residential Services

Find out all the things you and your family can do with FairlawnGig’s faster, more affordable home Internet service! 

Note: Financial assistance for internet connectivity is available from the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Find out more/apply

Business Services

Grow your business – no matter its size – with solutions that help you communicate, collaborate, and innovate.

Test your Speed! How Fast is your Internet?

The FairlawnGig Story and its Impact on Our Community

Telephone (Landline) Solutions

Entertaining Streaming Services

Innovative Business Offerings

Service Beyond Fairlawn

We offer high-speed fiber network to every residence and business in the Fairlawn, Akron, Bath JEDD.

“Today everything is on the Internet, so a reliable, faster connection makes everything better. I’ve been a business as well as home subscriber since FairlawnGig’s inception, meaning my family benefits from Internet with no limits while my employees are more productive as they can do everything faster and easier. And while speed is great, when was the last time you’ve heard of an Internet service where you can go months… even years with no interruptions! FairlawnGig is giving both my home and my business significantly faster Internet for less money than I was paying before.”

— Neal Levy, Business Development, David A. Levy & Associates

“FairlawnGig provides my small business with everything we need, from data/internet services to VoIP phones that work seamlessly with no issues at all. The value we receive in terms of saving money, receiving better services than we had before makes it a no-brainer for me to recommend them to businesses of all sizes. We receive more reliable service that’s never gone down – we absolutely love our service from FairlawnGig.”

— Dennis Stoffer, Owner, Spagnuolo & Associates, LLC

“What I love most about FairlawnGig is a can reach someone locally, quickly and easily. No more hassles or frustrations with outages and then getting ahold of someone should I have questions. It’s nice to get great service from an organization and people who are right here in my home town.

I’m also a television streamer, so it’s nice to get plenty of speed and no longer deal with buffering or delays. I also work from home on occasion and the bandwidth FairlawnGig provides ensures I can be on the VPN and easily move large files with no issues whatsoever.”

— Katie Ardner, Residential FairlawnGig Subscriber

“Before we had FairlawnGig, we had lost calls not to mention lost productivity as our phones and Internet connections were constantly failing. Switching to FairlawnGig has made all these problems disappear with truly amazing connectivity and service. Now that we’ve switched, its shocking how much time I used to waste waiting for something to upload!

With FairlawnGig we receive more than fast Internet as their service team is top notch. Everyone has been friendly and quick to answer any questions and help us work through any challenges.”

— Beth Reed, Associate Real Estate Manager, CBRE

“Before FairlawnGig came along we’d actually lost guests because of our poor Internet connectivity. Since FairlawnGig was installed we now keep happy guests staying and coming back. Additionally, we are making plans to buy and install Smart TVs for our guests as the incredible connection speeds FairlawnGig delivers enables us to have each and every guest streaming television content in their rooms. We’re able to promote our Internet service as the fastest in the area and attract corporate and international clients who need the robust service FairlawnGig provides.”

— Rennick Andrioli, Owner, Hilton Akron/Fairlawn

“Prior to getting FairlawnGig at home I would experience slow and lagging service. Now I have the speed to make sure I can do everything I need as well as work from home. I am very satisfied with the service as FairlawnGig is helping me get my personal and work life organized and bring everything together!”

— Greg Irvine, Residential FairlawnGig Subscriber

“We’re very satisfied with the service we are getting from FairlawnGig, including the behind-the-scenes support we receive from the technical team. We’re paying about half the price for speeds twice as fast as we had before and now looking to expand our services with FairlawnGig to business telephones and Internet service beyond Fairlawn. It’s a fantastic option for Fairlawn businesses!”

— Gregg Zolton, CPHIMS, Chief Information Officer, Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center

“We’ve been a FairlawnGig for more than a year when we opened a new office in their service area. FairlawnGig was the clear choice in terms of speeds and price. Since the smooth on-boarding we’ve received consistently great service.”

— Evan McCauley, Partner, McCauley Financial, LLC

“With increased work from home FairlawnGig is a critical piece of our Valmark technology infrastructure. FairlawnGig gives us a better price and more choice in service. We use both their fiber and fixed wireless technology to ensure high availability. None of the other traditional corporate providers offer this service to our location.”

— Geoffrey Moore, VP Information Technology, Valmark Financial Group



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Happy Telecommunications Week indeed! FairlawnGig is proud to be able to connect/power the internet service for Summit County's dispatch center. https://twitter.com/SummitExecutive/status/1780272276882985190

We're crossing our fingers for clear skies and totality visibility... for now, let's all listen to the science guy! #eclipse

Today we're crossing our fingers for good weather for the #eclipse! https://x.com/SummitExecutive/status/1777305393590604072

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FairlawnGig is a Municipal Broadband Utility from the City of Fairlawn, Ohio.


Support: support@fairlawngig.net
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Phone: 330-668-3300


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